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Game Updates: 23/03/2020

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Good day Force!
Here are the following updates that were implemented for the Scheduled Maintenance that took place.
This change-logs includes a few game improvements from our Suggestions, as well as fixes for Bugs, and additional General Information.


Game Improvements

  • Added Rental Girl NPC [BETA] (@npc rentalgirl).
    • Rent equipment and consumables with the following payment methods:
      • Credit
      • Paleo Badge
      • Daily Coins
    • The player has the choice on how many days they will rent the items/consumables.
    • The player has the choice to add the upgrade of certain rental equipment. An additional payment is required for every refine level.
  • Added Midgard Dungeon (Bio-Labs Dungeon F4) [BETA].
    • The player can access this dungeon if the conditions are met:
      • The player has completed the Dungeon Access for the Somatology Laboratory (Bio-Labs).
      • The player has accessed the Midgard Mansion at least once. (After the patch is applied.)
      • There is a seven-day (7) duration for accessing the Midgard Dungeon. (Command: @mmlhz)
    • The Midgard Dungeon is located at the WESTERN part of the Midgard Mansion.
    • The Midgard Dungeon MVPs will drop their respective cards but the effects of each card has not yet decided.
      • Discussion with the community will help to add the effects of these new Bio-Labs F4 cards.
    • Bio-Labs F4 MVPs has a six-hour (6) respawn time and has a wave time at 35 minutes maximum.
  • Added new items on Donation Manager NPC.
    • Force Bonus Point Shop
      • Headgear Rotation
        • Grim Reaper Protection
        • Black Tomboy Fairy
        • Lupus Hair
        • Magina Blindfold
        • Devil Monk Hat
  • Added new items on Vote Shop NPC.
    • Miscellaneous
      • Enriched Oridecon
      • Enriched Elunium
  • Added new headgears on Guild Manager NPC.
    • KoE Reward Shop
      • Beungyon Ingchyam Hat
      • Fusion Mitchyam
      • Kkeokkeo
      • Police Kitty Hat
      • Ribbon Crown
  • Removed Icarus Weapon + Icarus Wings combo effect.
    • Re-vamping the combo effects for the better and will be available on the next update.


War of Emperium

  • New Castles
    • Swanhild (prtg_cas02)
    • Eeyorbriggar (gefg_cas02)
    • Scarlet Palace (payg_cas02)
    • Viblainn (schg_cas03)


  • New Schedule
    • Mondays & Thursdays
      • 22:00 - 23:00 -> Swanhild
    • Tuesdays & Fridays
      • 22:00 - 23:00 -> Scarlet Palace
    • Wednesdays & Saturdays
      • 22:00 - 23:00 -> Eeyorbriggar
    • Sundays
      • 21:00 - 23:00 -> Viblainn


Thank you for your support and happy gaming!
Force Team

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here my crazy idea lol


creator card demo can be elemental

clown card 50% reduce delay or effect of bragi

paladin card enable auto card or reflect dmg%

champ card auto asura more chances than ROF

stalker card enable chase walk

prof card auto wall of fog

gypsy card 50 delay cast




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An update for the Midgard Dungeon:

  • There is a seven-day (7) duration for accessing the Midgard Dungeon. (Command: @mmlhz)

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No To Trans Cards. what we have is enough. 

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