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Shadow Equipments

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Is there any plans to use the Shadow Equipment slots? (excluding headgear costumes)


Each piece of shadow equipment should be unique with 1 effect only per piece. Here are the following examples:


[Shadow Weapons]

Shadow Weapon #1: Increases physical or magical damage by x% (I'd say maybe give a maximum value of 3%-5% to avoid power creeping so much)
Shadow Weapon #2: Makes weapon indestructible
Shadow Weapon #3: Deals x% damage to racial monsters or specific size or boss/non boss only (For these, maybe raising to 10% would be fine except demi-human)


[Shadow Shields]

Shadow Shield #1: Reduces physical or magical damage by x% (Same here, maybe 5% would be a good maximum value)
Shadow Shield #2: Reduces from x race or y elemental attacks by z%
Shadow Shield #3: Increases resistance from x status by y%


[Shadow Footgears]

Shadow Footgear #1: Increases max SP or HP by x%
Shadow Footgear #2: Increases movement speed by x%


[Shadow Garments]

Shadow Garment #1: Increases flee or perfect dodge by x value
Shadow Garment #2: Increases resistance against x element by y%
Shadow Garment #3: Reduces damage from x race by y%


[Shadow Armors]

Shadow Armor #1: Increases Max HP or SP by x% or maybe a base value of y (example +5k HP)
Shadow Armor #2: Resistance to x status by y%


[Shadow Accessories]

Shadow Accessory #1: Increases a certain single stat (For this, i suggest maybe maximum of +3 only, or +1 only if all stat)
Shadow Accessory #2: Maybe imbue a card's effect. For example a shadow accessory with horong card effect but maybe with some cons like -5% hp or whichever.



Anyway, there's really a lot of possibilities of which can be which for the effects. Just so long the effects won't be that too much over-powered. Main equipments should still be the one that shines.


Finally, decisions on the values & effects is still upto GM to decide :D 

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