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December Madness | Double Points System Event!

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Holiday Season!

Christmas and New Year is coming!




In celebration of Holiday Season (Christmas & New Year), we are having a whole December 2x Points System rewards!


Bonus Rewards:
We will be having a Bonus Points on following:

  • X2 Gold Points earned in Gold Room (@npc goldroom)
  • X2 Fossils earned on Monster Hunt (@mh)
  • X2 KoE and WoE Points earned every KoE on WoE.
  • X2 Invasion Points


Lotti Girl NPC Event:

Have a chance to win random items and exclusive rewards!

Here are the following noticeable rewards:


  • Enriches, Mysterious Items, Treasure Chests, Force Event Box and Special Gift Boxes from 1-4.


  • Synthesis Ticket, Job Ticket, Mansion Invitation, GM Boxes


  • +6-9 Armor/Weapon Refine Deed Ticket (@npc deedrefiner)


  • Red Valkyrie Helm, Red Dragon Wing, Forbidden Cyclops, Santa Mask, Heart Beanie, Luxury Hat, Santa Dog!


How to play Lotti Girl?
Easy as pie, It requires payment: 2,500,00 zeny for basic payment and chance, Daily Coin payment will give you 2x chance of winning while Donation Ticket Payment will give you 5x chance of winning! See you later! Lotti will last for some hours.

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