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December Madness | Double Donation Promo!

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Holiday Season!

Christmas and New Year is coming!




In celebration of Holiday Season (Christmas & New Year), we are having a whole December bonus sale!


To express our appreciation for your continued support in Ragnaforce, we are giving extra Donation Tickets and Force Points for your generosity.

Your assistance means so much to us and the community, THANK YOU from all of us!


PROMO DURATION : December 13th to 31st, 2019



Donation Promo:
+100% Bonus on any amount of Donations + Special Gift Box 5 for every $50. (Instead of the usual Box I).

Example: You donated 50$, You will receive Donation Tickets and Force Points.


Special Gift Box 5 contains:

tLf0hTj.png  mLfO86U.png  4VPKy0i.png  7VeP59h.png  TSOndTF.png


lIGGT9C.png  WNF2dAs.png  atkpVDw.png  Sgvvjm1.png  DpMhQdk.png  ILSzUTw.png

Chance to win exclusive Christmas Scarf or Random GM Boxes every $50!


But wait THERE'S MORE!




NPC: Midgard Mansion or (@warp midgard 199 351)

With every $100 donation you will received 1 Mansion Invitation that allows you to enter Midgard Mansion one time.

For more information about Midgard Mansion click HERE.




NPC: Costume Maker or '@npc costumemaker'

With every $50 donation you will received 2 Synthesis Ticket that allows you to convert any headgear's into costumes.




NPC: Job Costume or '@npc jobcostume'

  • With a minimum Donation of $100 you get Costume Job Ticket allows you to change your suit into Baby, 1st, 2nd and 3rd job of your current class and revert back to normal (NPC will only allow you to use this ticket if you've Transcended). 
  • PLUS! You get 1 Costume Job Ticket for every $50 exceeding $100. Example $150 gives you 2 tickets, $200 gives you 3. Costume Job Tickets are only obtainable only in Special Events and Donation. Costume Job Tickets are trade-able.
  • IMPORTANT: Costume Job Tickets will allow you to unlock 1 Costume Sprite per Ticket on that CHARACTER. If you go on a different character, you will have to unlock the Costumes AGAIN. Job Costume will be LOCKED back if you delete a character that you've unlocked the sprites with.

Donation Restriction: Donations made are not accumulative. $50 Today will not give you a Costume Job Ticket for the $50 spent on a different day and $50 Force Bonus Points will not convert to extra Synthesis Tickets.

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