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Things you should know


  • Server Rules applies to all players without exception.
  • User automatically accepts the rules after account registration.
  • Ignorance or misunderstanding of the rules does not exempt you from liability in case of their violation.
  • The account owner is always responsible for his account, even if the owner shares his account details or game account is hacked.
  • Violators shall have the rights to seek redemption/pardon upon agreeing to the terms and condition given by administrator depending on the severity of the case.
  • Administrator have all the rights to give or deny pardon by the recommendation from majority decision of staff members
  • Jailtime duration will not runout if character not in use.
  • When reporting a player please always include screenshot and other form of evidence, submit it from the upper right-corner of your screen click "+create" then click submit a form.







1.1   Use of Swear words and insults and or provocative chat, threats, blackmail, sexual harassment, incitement of ethnic, Interracial discord.


  • Spamming insults, trash talks, cursing messages using npc Broadcaster, facebook GROUP / PAGE post/comment and forum
  • Verbal assault to any member of the Staff through @request or all chats pub/private, forum and facebook group/page.
  • Spamming Public Chat simultaneously that other players can no longer see other chats
  • Spamming @request with the same message more than twice.
  • Insulting title towards a player/guild/staff through In-game name/Party Names/Guild Titles and Guild Names
  • Distribution of False Information to malign another player




          1.       Verbal Warning

          2.       5 Minutes Mute

          3.       3 Hour Jailtime


<Maximum Penalty of 24-48hours Jailtime>

*Staff are entitled to give heavier punishment depending on the severity of the behavior.

Violation over 3rd offense shall be granted maximum penalties

*using insult ingamename,partyname,guildname, guild title towards a player or staff are given the chance to remove or disband, failure to comply shall be given automatically 1 day ban. “guildtitle” a guild leader will also be held liable and shall receive the same punishment.


1.2   Use of third-party software, modification of Game-client, Macro Bot



  • Obtaining Game benefits and / or game values due to the use of third-party software, AFk-Farming, Macro Bot 
  • Bypassing Game Protection, Modification of Game Clients that may interfere in normal functioning of the Server. (excluding greymaps and simplified grf for lag reduction, use of Programmable gaming mouse/keyboard are permitted but not advisable for exploitation uses such afk farming. Legal and Authorized Auto-hotkeys f1-f9 shall be provided soon)
  • Using Auto-Pots programs, duping.






1.       Verbal Warning (not responding after 5 minutes will recieved 30 minutes Jailtime)

2.       3 hour Jailtime

3.       12 hours Jailtime


*Staff are entitled for retrieval of game valuables from using cheating programs such duping.

Violation over 3rd offense shall be granted maximum penalty that includes tracing of Main Account and confiscation of items/cosumables that the person collecting.

*Administrator and Developer have the rights to grant automatic 7 days – to permanent account ban for modification of game client and used of auto-pots after failure to comply with their warning.





1.3   Use of Game errors (bugs) / glitched


  • Getting advantage of game error such (Item/npc glitched, including but not limited to errors in quest rewarding system, quests malfunction and other errors)
  • Distribution of Game Valuables/items coming from errors




1.       Verbal Warning

2.       12 Hours Jailtime and Seizure of Game Valuable/Items derived from such use. (including those that are transferred to a player)

3.       3 Days Account Ban


<Maximum Penalty of 7 days to 15 days Account Ban>



1.4   Selling and buying using non-game currencies(RMT), buying/selling of account/Game character using real-life goods or other server items


  • Receiving/giving in-game items and in-game currency obtained by non-game way or RMT



1.       Seizure of Game Valuables/Items used from transaction to both parties and shall be given 15 Days Account Ban

2.       Permanent Ban without any possible grant of pardon


* All confiscated game valuable/item shall be utilized by way of setting it as prize for GM event such Lucky Draw.


1.5   Cheating on other players


  • Trading fraud (pricing switch, changing items during exchange etc).
  • Pretending to be another player, or another guild member and/or pretending one guild to another. Impostors       
  • Copying or Reproducing of Staff Guild Emblem/Images to 50-100% similarity outcome that can create confusion
  • Obtaining in-game items or Zeny from hacked account.
  • Hacking / Scamming
  • Pretending to be a staff member to obtain game credential from another player




         1.       Verbal Warning (returning of Accoount/Items)

         2.       24 hours Jailtime

         3.       1 Day Account Ban + Character Deletion for imposters



 failure to comply for copying staff emblem warning shall result to guild disbandment and guild leader will be held liable and will get 2nd offense punishment. 


1.6. Non-game behavior


  • Obstruction of other players during Game process such blocking NPC, destructing Vendors, Blocking Portals particularly in WOE using (Ice Walls, Warp Portals to castle entrance portal)
  • Distribution of false information and rumors related to the Server, Guilds and staff members
  • Blackmailing in order to gain in-game benefits or RMT/Real life goods
  • Skills abuse in public spaces and towns (except PVP-locations).
  • Use of Real-Life information to disrespect another player.
  • Advertising in-game and recruiting player to other servers




          1.       Verbal Warning

          2.       30 Minutes Mute

          3.       48 Hours Jail Time


<Maximum Penalty of 1-2 Days Account Ban>






This will be updated from time to time

last update 8/8/19

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