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  1. Hello StrongNips! Welcome to ragnaforce.. looking forward to meeting you ingame may the force be with you!
  2. Luke

    High & Lower Ground

    Cells disregards the graphic. Skill function does not works through map graphics lt does not recognize hills, high or low ground. Maps are like chess board composes of blocks(cells) underneat its graphics the only way to forbid it is by removing cells on certain coordinates. If you are using grey maps you'll know.. I'll talk to zom if he have solution for this.
  3. More than that because the spawn of gms spirit is random if you are lucky.
  4. +1 , delay should be applied to Smokie card than actual job skills.
  5. i disagree, i will give a cookie for whoever suggested it, gospel delay is being fair its not because of stripper you can always ask fcp in fact its better than spammin gospel that dispells your buff, creator will have another use than spamming pitchers. this becomes more challenging.. spamming gospel affects enemy and party members which is i think the reason for adjusted delay. 3 sec delay is fair for everybody. And don’t see it a reason for people to leave. It’s because of non-challenging gvg. We believe that this adjustment focus on to more challenging gameplay.. than being too self-dependent
  6. Check your sound settings from setup and select which audio system is working, update your audio driver on your pc too. Then check your /bgm /sound ingame
  7. None atm You can see it here or u can use "@npc questshop" Yep
  8. Patch corrupted, try deleting force.dat and run patchee as admin.. 2nd option Reinstall your client to a fresh folder
  9. Happy Birthday @Alexandria

    1. Alexandria


      Awwww thank you so much~! <3 

  10. These are some of my fav songs as of this moment River - Leon Bridges Happiness - Rex Orange County Japanese Denim - Daniel Caesar Best Part - Daniel Caesar ft. HER
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