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  1. Welcome back! It's nice to see familiar faces
  2. Circles - Post Malone
  3. Thank you for your hard work @Myke & @Zomaerc ❤️
  4. Thank you for this feature, @Zomaerc!
  5. Blaize

    Christmas Carols

    CHRISTMAS IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER! HAVE YOU PRACTICED YOUR CHRISTMAS CAROLS YET? 9 days before Christmas, we start celebrating holiday traditions like Misa de Gallo (click for a different quest), caroling, gift-giving and Christmas parties. Starting December 15, children of various church start knocking on doors, singing an dancing in hopes to raise funds for the church. Join them in going around the neighborhood of Midgard! Knock on doors and start singing your carols, and be rewarded. Make sure you know your songs! 😉 Midgard Home Directory: 555 W Midgard LOCATION: midgard 93 231 344 NW Midgard LOCATION: midgard 61 364 837 NE Midgard LOCATION: midgard 332 346 961 E Midgard LOCATION: midgard 317 225 635 W Midgard LOCATION: midgard 18 228 757 E Midgard LOCATION: midgard 370 244 248 SW Midgard LOCATION: midgard 85 63 438 S Midgard LOCATION: midgard 208 52 433 S Midgard LOCATION: midgard 159 37 112 SE Midgard LOCATION: midgard 325 82 QUICK GUIDE: Simply locate these houses and start singing your carols! Some of the residents do not have cash, hates Christmas or just don't have any adult to answer to the door. All houses have random cool down of 3-8 minutes. Once a house have been visited by another player, you may not visit it until the cool down has passed. You will receive CHURCH NOTES for your carols. Church Notes are donation for the church. Drop them in a box outside Lutie Church and receive your points. Visit Father Moriones inside the church so he can recognize your efforts and give you a reward. FULL GUIDE:
  6. Thank you @Myke and @Zomaerc for this update ❤️
  7. Ocean Eyes - Billie Eilish
  8. Fight Song - Rachel Platten
  9. Uncover - Zara Larsson
  10. Hello!!! If you're talking about the other quest, the quest items do not drop with the monsters. The script is on the Proton Pack. If you're not equipped with it, the items will not drop. With this summoning quest, you can @mi 3189 ~ 3194
  11. Put your records on, tell me your favorite songs 😊😎🤗🥰 Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On
  12. It's always sad to see people go, you will be missed! Don't forget to visit us from time to time :) Good luck on everything!
  13. Blaize

    Armor Enchantment

    Exactly. We are still testing them out for bugs, errors and possible exploits.
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