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  1. No To Trans Cards. what we have is enough.
  2. Good day, Admin, Would you Kindly help me to Track my Missing Assassin Cross card? Yesterday around 10pm to 10:30pm GMT+3 or 3:00AM to 3:30am Server Time it was happen. I was setting up my Jedi to with my items Icarus Dagger w/ Assassin Cross card impounded to it. but I that its not possible to wear it. so I put it on my storage and use my Assassin Cross Job( Tokaku ) same account to decard the Assassin Cross Card and put it in another weapon but after I decard I change character without noticing it that I haven't place it on the storage so I change character again to my jedi. when i'm try to look for my Assassinx Cross Card I change char again to Sinx but I can't find it . I tried to check to storage and search it but can't still find it. Please Kindly Help me . IGN: Tokaku Azuma & Q u I c k S i l v e r
  3. kindly move 1day woe time to 11pm to 1am or 12mn to 2am.
  4. Woe time adjustments please!
  5. Na, not possible. 😂 all are sleeping. We are 5-6hours late from the server time. Anyways, already explained. I will not bother them anymore.
  6. Good day, Now that sunday woe will be much earlier. Have you consider those people from other countries? In our country region, the only woe that we could join is sunday 11pm to 12pm. And now that you change it to much earlier. For the remaining woe like wednesday(9am to 11am) and saturday woe(9pm to 11pm); We are unable to participate. Because the country time is different.
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