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  1. Same problem with mine when I used the lite installer and combined with data.grf... I reinstalled using full installer tho and it worked
  2. And please also include the exact time that it will be opening... and list of players that registered and won
  3. @Myke @Zomaerc Same for me, it is stating that the slots are full...
  4. I see, hybrid headgears like red robo cyc and the likes?
  5. What does Special Gift Box I contains? @Myke @Zomaerc
  6. Sir, @Myke @Zomaerc, Just noticed a bug, +10 stat foods / buff foods from the hourly shop, disappears upon death from inside the woe castle / pvp / from player, whilst death on PvM is normal, did any changes was made upon this? PvP / GvG = +10 Stat Food / buff food from hourly points dissapears upon deathPvM = +10 Stat Food / buff food remain intact after death
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