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  1. Good day Force! Here are the following updates that were implemented for the Scheduled Maintenance that took place. This change-logs includes a few game improvements from our Suggestions, as well as fixes for Bugs, and additional General Information. Game Improvements Added cooldown on summoning the World Boss to six (6) hours. Added Wave - Ordeal Memorial Dungeon [BETA]. Added @noattack command. Added new items on Donation Manager NPC. Force Bonus Point Shop Headgear Rotation Aqua Visor V2 Red Visor V2 Black Visor V2 Military Visor V2 Green Visor V2 Added Halter Lead Box (7 Days) on Coin Master NPC. Modified Mage Figure's damage inflicted by Jupitel Thunder skill from 10% to 5%. Bug & Fixes Fixed minor bug on Midgard Mansion Labyrinth. Fixed quest requirements for the Job Figures. Additional Information Improved PvP/GvG Ranking System Added Special WoE/KoE Rewards. Reverted PvP Throne System to @go 15 (Training Grounds). Modified Guild Limit during War of Emperium from 28 to 20. War of Emperium New Castles Kriemhild (prtg_cas01) Repherion (gefg_cas01) Bright Arbor (payg_cas01) Horn (arug_cas03) New Schedule Mondays & Thursdays 22:00 - 23:00 -> Kriemhild Tuesdays & Fridays 22:00 - 23:00 -> Bright Arbor Wednesdays & Saturdays 22:00 - 23:00 -> Repherion Sundays 21:00 - 23:00 -> Horn King of Emperium Everyday at 09:00 & 17:00 (Server Time) Duration has reduced from 45~60 minutes to 30~45 minutes. Website Update Added the new PvP/GvG Rankings. Added the Agit Lords Scoreboard. Thank you for your support and happy gaming! Regards, Force Team
  2. World Boss This is a custom feature in Ragnaforce Server. Command @worldboss - Checks the status of the World Boss. World Boss Mechanics The players must have an accumulated MvP kills in order to call the World Boss. MvPs killed from Bloody Branches and MvP Rooms are not included. After reaching the MvP kills, one of these World Bosses will spawn around cities. Unsealed Dark Lord Valkyrie Reginleif Valkyrie Ingrid After killing the World Boss, A World Boss Chest will appear. For those players who have dealt enough damage to the World Boss will receive rewards by clicking the World Boss Chest. The higher the rank, the greater the reward to receive.
  3. Good day Force! Here are the following updates that were implemented for the Scheduled Maintenance that took place. This change-logs includes a few game improvements from our Suggestions, as well as fixes for Bugs, and additional General Information. Game Improvements Modified Icarus Book effect bonus. INT + 10 Increases Holy Light damage by 1% for every refine level. (For Priest Class) Increases Heal effectiveness by 1% on every 2 refine levels. (For Priest Class) Modified Kakashi Headprotector's Ranged-attack bonus from 10% to 15%. Modified Valkyrie Helm + Dragon Wings Combo from VIT + 5 to VIT + 10. Modified Red Valkyrie Helm + Red Dragon Wings Combo from DEX + 10 to DEX + 15. Modified Danzo Bandage from All Stats + 3 to All Stats + 2. Modified Forbidden Cyclops' Eye HP bonus from 50 HP to Maximum HP + 5%. Modified Bloody Branch Rare MvP monsters will now drop their cards by 0.10%. Modified Endless Tower MvP Card drop rate from 0.05% to 0.20%. Modified Thanatos, Valkyrie Randgris and Somatology Laboratory MvP monsters card drop rate from 0.50% to 1%. Added World Boss Event [BETA] Added new items on Donation Manager NPC Donation Point Shop Note Headphones [1] Black Valkyrie Helm [1] Black Dragon Wings Red Valkyrie Helm [1] Red Dragon Wings Forbidden Cyclops price change 35 -> 30 DP. Force Bonus Point Shop Headgear Rotation Candy Ring Christmas Hamster Brown Minstrel Hat Quinn Hat Snow Cap Auras & Wings Navy Blue Amaterasu Aura Pink Amaterasu Aura Red Amaterasu Aura White Amaterasu Aura Information about the Donation Tickets Added Donation Points Agent NPC (Below @npc donation). This NPC will convert your Donation Tickets to Donation Points. Special Donation Point Shop Mansion Invitation - 25 DP Job Ticket - 20 DP Added Monster Summoner NPC inside the Private DB Room. This NPC allows you to summon rare MvPs with a certain price, Donation Points. MvP monster List Golden Thief Bug - 1 DP Tao Gunka - 1 DP Kiel D-01 - 1 DP Gloom Under Night - 2 DP Fallen Bishop Hibram - 2 DP Ifrit - 2 DP Valkyrie Randgris - 3 DP Thanatos Phantom - 3 DP High Wizard Kathryne - 5 DP High Priest Margaretha - 5 DP Sniper Cecil - 5 DP Lord Knight Seyren - 5 DP Mastersmith Harword - 5 DP Assassin Cross Eremes - 8 DP Added a Downgrade option to all Refiner NPCs around Midgard. Bug & Fixes Fixed glitch on Bombring and Novice VS Zombie events. Fixed glitch on Credit Exchanger NPC. Additional Information Modified Siege Castles' Longest Defense Reward to 2x~5x. Added @npc receptionist command for Mansion Receptionist. All Training equipment now have a rental duration. All Training equipments has been wiped-out. Level 1 Training Box and Level 100 Training Box equipment set has a 24-hour duration. Level 200 Training Box equipment set has a 30-day duration. Modified Gold Room Mechanics First three (3) entries inside the Gold Room has no fee and free of charge. Added Party mechanics inside the Gold Room. There's a chance that your party member will receive 1 Gold Point each time you kill a Golden Bird. Upto 5 Maximum Members can trigger this Bonus. Level 200 Buff Scroll is now available in Tool Dealer NPC for 1,500,000 Z. Added Headgear Viewer NPC, Circa beside the Stylist NPC (@npc stylist). Valkyrie (Game Master Checker) is now above the Freebies NPC.
  4. @O c h o™ Those cards are only prohibited on Lord Knight Job Showdown event.
  5. @Checking A mis-type from Gloom Under Night Card price on Token Shop. It is costs 400 P.
  6. Good day Force! Here are the following updates that were implemented for the Scheduled Maintenance that took place. This change-logs includes a few game improvements from our Suggestions, as well as fixes for Bugs, and additional General Information. Game Improvements Modified Thief's Hiding, Stalker's Stealth and Jedi's Jedi Stealth after-cast delay to 0.5 second. Modified Blacksmith/Mastersmith skill duration to 180 seconds. Adrenaline Rush - 36*SkillLv seconds Weapon Perfection - 36*SkillLv seconds Over Thrust - 36*SkillLv seconds Full Adrenaline Rush - 180 seconds Melt Down - 18*SkillLv seconds Cart Boost - 180 seconds Maximum Over-Thrust - 36*SkillLv seconds Modified Blacksmith's Skin Tempering elemental attack reduction. Fire-property attacks - 4 * SkillLv% Other elemental attacks - 1 * SkillLv% Modified Monk's Guillotine Fist SP damage cap from 6,000 to 4,500. Modified Alchemist's Potion Pitcher heal rate from 10*SkillLv% to 6*SkillLv%. Modified High Wizard's Stave Crasher ATK power from 100% to 400%. Modified Sniper's Falcon Assault after-cast delay from 3 seconds to 1 second and knocks target back by 2 cells. Modified Paladin's Gospel uninterruptible casting time and after-cast delay to 0.75 seconds. Modified Clown/Gypsy's Arrow Vulcan ATK power from 800+100*SkillLv% to 500+100*SkillLv%. Modified Ninja's Cicada Skin Shed skill usage until all charges are used. Added Ninja Spirit and Gunslinger Spirit buff effect. Ninja Spirit - The HP penalty on Killing Strike skill will be halved. Gunslinger Spirit - When using Rapid Shower skill, there is a chance to knock their targets back by 2 cells. Added Ninja and Gunslinger Talismans. Modified Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb bonus effect. Equippable by all classes. On refine rates 4 to 10, it grants 1% additional resistance on all elemental attacks per refine level. Modified Icarus Katar's ATK power from 270 to 240. Modified Icarus Spear's ATK power from 180 to 175 and Weight from 380 to 280. Disabled Elemental Sword's auto-casting of Bolt skills. Modified Combat Knife's damage reduction from 10% to 12%. Modified Grimtooth's defense reduction from 50% to 33%. Modified Margaretha Sorin's magic-damage type from Demi-human to Medium-size monsters. Only 1 Fortune Sword will take effect if the player equipped 2 Fortune Swords. Yggdrasil Leaf will now have a 5-second uninterruptible casting time. Yggdrasilberry and Yggdrasil Seed cannot be used simultaneously. Added new quest items on Official Headgear Quests NPC. Hunting Cap Well-Chewed Pencil Spare Card Wanderer's Sakkat Rabbit Earmuffs Added new items on Vote Shop NPC. Valkyrie Feather Band Angel Spirit Scarlet Rose Classic Hat Samambia High Enchant Orb - This is used to enchant higher levels to the Enchantment NPC (@npc enchant). Added new items on Master of Coin NPC. Red Minstreal Hat Puppy Hat Hat of Fortune Hairband of Reginleif Love Daddy Hat Added new items on Donation Manager NPC. Headgear Rotation 3rd Super Saiyan Hair Book of Magic Blessing of Angel Black Cat Combat Vestige Auras & Wings Black Amaterasu Aura Blue Amaterasu Aura Gold Amaterasu Aura Green Amaterasu Aura Added new artifacts on the Artifacts Shop NPC. Danzou Bandage Robot Ears Added new items on Guild Manager NPC. (@npc guildmanager) WoE Reward Shop Rainbow Sash Invoker Wex Raijin Hat KoE Reward Shop Baby Dotchyam Custodial Cap Engru Removed Have Golgol Hat Mitchyam Hat Heart Hairband Somu Polyana Night Modified Card prices from Treasure Hunters' Shop NPC. Hatii Card : 75 P => 10 P Stormy Knight Card : 100 P => 5 P Golden Thief Bug Card : 100 P => 50 P Ghostring Card : 100 P => 5 P Deviling Card : 100 P => 5 P Dracula Card : 50 P => 5 P Angeling Card : 75 P => 5 P Doppelganger Card : 50 P => 10 P Moonlight Flower Card : 50 P => 5 P Turtle General Card : 50 P => 5 P Dark Snake Lord Card : 50 P => 15 P Amon Ra Card : 75 P => 25 P Tao Gunka Card : 100 P => 75 P Maya Purple Card : 50 P Fallen Bishop Hibram Card : 400 P Gloom Under Night Card : 400 P Ifrit Card : 600 P Added PK Zone damage reduction on PvP Maps. Bug & Fixes Fixed KoE Reward System Fixed Box Trader NPC. Fixed Item Reflect glitch when attack is blocked/missed. Cart Termination and Desperado is now un-reflectable. Additional Information Disabled @changegm during War/King of Emperium. Modified Name Passport price from 10 Daily Coins to 15 Daily Coins. Butterfly Wing are not usable inside the Midgard Mansion Players who are inside the Midgard Mansion cannot be recalled by Emergency Call. Statuses that are debuffed upon entering GvG maps. Mind Breaker Provoke Assumptio Enchant Deadly Poison (if the caster is not an Assassin Cross) Adrenaline Rush (if the caster is not a Blacksmith) Weapon Perfection (if the caster is not a Blacksmith) Over-Thrust (if the caster is not a Blacksmith) Full Adrenaline Rush (if the caster is not a Blacksmith) Maximum Over-Thrust (if the caster is not a Mastersmith)
  7. Updated mechanics for the Assassin Cross Job Showdown. Elemental Sword [3] and Bolt Scrolls are prohibited.
  8. Added Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb [1], Balmung [4], Variant Shoes, and Asprika to the Rare Items/Cards Restriction.
  9. Try to read these Click HERE for Guides.
  10. Updated mechanics for the Champion Job Showdown. Character's TOTAL DEX must be 130 at maximum, with or without Blessing. Ruwach, Sight and Hiding skills are allowed. Any kind of consumables that boosts the movement speed is prohibited. The equipment that are allowed for this event are Clip [1] with Horong Card/Smokie Card.
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