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  1. These are the content of the "Halloween Event Box" that are given to players by winning events or doing quests. Halloween Event Box 1. Assassin Skull Mask - Mid Headgear 2. Bandage of Sealed Bloody Evil Eye - Mid Headgear 3. Blood Sucker - Lower Headgear 4. Blood Sucker - Requiem Crown of Light and Dark - Upper Headgear 5. Stall of Bat - Lower Headgear 6. There is... Something... - Upper Headgear [ Animated ] 7. Under Lamp - Lower Headgear [ Animated ] 8. Vampire Headband - Upper Headgear 9. Vampire's Familiar - Mid Headgear [ Animated ] 10. You in ONE - Occupies All Headgear Slots
  2. Mainly, you get it via donation, when there is a promo. But you can buy it from players who sell it in-game.
  3. Wishing the best for you ❤️ Goodluck JTR, We will definitely miss you
  4. And for this as well, thank you very much~! ❤️
  5. Thank you so much for this ❤️ Love it~!
  6. [Introduced by: Alexandria™] Event Name: Fast and Curious Mechanics: There is a registration for this event. The GM will announce a venue and will open a chatroom. The GM will only wait for 19 players to join. Everyone that entered the pub and stayed, Will be advised to leave their current parties, And will be invited to a party. The party name is (898). You will be given 1 minute to accept it. If unable to do so, sorry to say that you won't be included in the event. Players are unable to equip/consume anything. Please remove and kind of mount you are riding. Players will be recalled and the GM will use doommap to remove buffs. Once the GM resurrects all the players, they can start moving and rush to the finish line. First one to finish will receive the prize.
  7. [Introduced by: Alexandria™] Event Name: Misfortune Mechanics: Mechanics: Only players above level 100 can join this event. There is a registration for this event. The GM will announce a venue and will open a public chatroom. The GM will only wait for 19 players to come. If you enter the pub, don't leave or you won't be invited. Players inside the pub will be invited to a party. Players will be given 1 minute to accept the invitation. NOTE: Don't leave the party or you won't be recalled. After the party is complete, The GM will recall them after 1 minute. Ready or not if you were not recalled then that means you can't join. Disconnection calls won't be entertained by the GM. Inside the event map, You need to form a circle around the GM. After forming a circle the GM will start using the skill "Tarot Card of Fate" If you die then you are out of the game. Only 4 cards will be able to kill you (take you out). 1. The Chariot - Inflicts 1,000 fixed damage. 2. The Devil - Inflicts 6,666 damage. 3. The Tower - Inflicts 4,444 damage. 4. Death - Coma. You won't die from coma but if you receive that card, you will be nuked by the GM.
  8. These are the content of the "Event Boxes" that are given to players for winning an event. NOTE: Only GM's can give out these event boxes. Blaize Event Box 1. Amistr Beret [Animated] - Upper Headgear 2. Angel Marcher Hat [Animated] - Upper Headgear 3. Classical Ribbon - Upper Headgear 4. Idun Feather Ears - Upper Headgear 5. Magical Feather - Upper Headgear 6. Sky of Memory - Upper Headgear 7. Two Tone Beret - Upper Headgear Kieth Event Box 1. Arabian Veil - Upper Headgear 2. Large Ribbon Muffler - Lower Headgear 3. Miracle Blue Rose - Lower Headgear 4. Odium Thanatos Mask - Middle and Lower Headgear 5. Poker Card in Mouth - Lower Headgear 6. Showy High Cap - Upper Headgear 7. Spell Circuit - [Animated] Upper Headgear Myke Event Box 1. Analyze Eye [Animated] - Lower Headgear 2. Helm of Hermes - Upper Headgear 3. Dragon Helm - Upper Headgear 4. Luffy Hat - Upper Headgear 5. Drooping Garm - Upper Headgear 6. Pimp Hat - Upper Headgear 7. Twin Rabbit - Mid Headgear Allison Event Box 1. Baron's Evil Eye [Animated] - Mid Headgear 2. Nettie Heart Bubblegum [Animated] - Lower Headgear 3. Poring Soap Pipe [Animated] - Lower Headgear 4. Red Under Rim Glass - Mid Headgear 5. Sakura Hat - Upper Headgear 6. Vajra - Lower Headgear 7. Valkyrie Circlet - Upper Headgear Zomaerc's Event Egg 1. Law Plush Cap - Upper Headgear 2. Amidamaru Spirit - Mid Headgear [Animated] 3. Glowing Poo Poo Hat - Upper Headgear [Animated] Alexandria's Event Box 1. Sword Master Crown - Upper Headgear 2. Gram Peony - Upper Headgear 3. Demon Eyes - Mid Headgear 4. Imperial Feather - Mid Headgear [Animated] 5. Holy Klobuk - Upper and Mid Headgear 6. Chilly Breath - Lower Headgear [Animated] 7. Water Spellcaster - Lower Headgear [Animated]
  9. [Introduced by: Blaize™] Event Name: Where's the Right Portal? Mechanics: The GM will announce a venue and will open portals for 2 minutes. Enter the portals so you can join the event. After the portals are closed, disconnection calls won't be entertained. Inside the event map, The GM will open 3 portals, and only 1 of them is the right portal. The correct portal will take you to a new map. The fake portals will take you back to midgard. The event goes on until there is 1 player left. NOTE: There might be no winners for this event if all the players left entered the wrong portal. The number of round depends on the GM.
  10. Event Name: Who's that Vendor? Mechanics: This event will take place in @market. The GM will open a private chatroom. The GM will be choosing a name from all the vendors at @market. Expect it to be 8 or less than 8 characters. Since you can only put up to 8 characters for the password. No spaces, but symbols will be entertained by the GM. The GM will give a hint of what that vendor is selling. Find the correct vendor, and type his/her name as the password. First player to do so wins! Note: Case sensitive. You need to make sure if that vendor has a confusing letter, like Letters "L" and "I", if they have a capital "i" and a small "L"
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