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  1. Most commonly used cards are Strouf, TG, Bapho and it's more suitable if you farm using a Sniper with holy arrow equipped. For armor, well, anything will do as long as it has a slot, Card though, you can go full damage.
  2. The mob do spawn in biolab3 but it's RNG, i think. You can get it via killing Howard or buying it through token shop.
  3. Then perhaps you can do, equip the 2 berzebub card, add points into dex one by one and stop when you feel it's enough to make the skill insta-cast. that way you can save a few points of stats.
  4. This card is completely useless since 150+ dex makes all skill insta-cast.
  5. Edweird

    Icarus Bow

    Or just make it an auto-cast lvl 1 or 3 heal with low chance of proc when attacking, that way it's like a low-key Sniper card.
  6. You can get gem of force on 'Dark Force' at either "gl_chyard", "gef_dun01", "pay_dun00". If you have trouble finding items you need, just use '@commands'. e.g. "@ii <item name/id>" this is for item info. "@whodrops <item name/id>" for mobs who drops a particular items. "@whereis <mobs name/id>" shows where the monster is. Then just warp there using "@warp <map of destination>" Also, for monster's info use "@mi <monster name/id>" So it goes like this, @ii gem of force > @whodrops gem of force > @whereis Dark force > @warp pay_dun00 And for id use, just the same, @ii 40300 > @whodrops 40300 > @whereis 2365 > @warp pay_dun00
  7. Yes, Icarus bow is the recommended weapon for snipers. Just use fly wing to get to the center on Bio Lab F2 (Just so you know, you need to finish the quest 1st in order to access the Lab). Don't forget to use BBG for higher drop rate and use different types of arrow when killing lhz mobs. You can enchant equipments via @npc enchant and you need scroll, which you can get at @mh (or aka paleo badge)> Also, they added a high enchant orb(@voteshop). This is for obtaining a higher power up e.g +4-5% stats.
  8. I suggest you farm at the gold room 1st, assuming you still got the freebie equipment, you should get at least 20M zeny for starters. Then just buy any bow and holy arrow at the market(@go 26), after that farm the appropriate cards>Strouf, Archer Skel, Turtle gen, The paper or use the free doppel card. For armor you can get a wool & tidal combo, sniping suit/armor of naga with porcellio card and Stone of Sabine with zerom card for accessories. Farm a bit for gargoyle wings and Captains(you can buy this at the coin shop) and binocular(you can just buy the materials for this) for middle headgear. Afterwards, you just grind your self up for credits at the gold room, buy better equips. Hope this helps a bit and if you still have some question feel free to ask.
  9. Are you new to the game or just the server? And what kind crit type and orientation? is it DD/SD/Katar and pvp or pvm?
  10. What particular guide do you need?
  11. Happy Birthday to me! XD

    1. Blaize


      Heey! Belated happy birthday!

  12. I think a Sith class would suffice. You buff up then use force projection so it will tank & damage for you and when your illusion/clone die use force persuasion to buff up again summon another clone then re-do the whole thing. And for some reason, when I tried it the first time, I can't seem to attack or use skill to damage the GM monster but I managed to kill it somehow, just my clone casting force drain & force choke. Hope this helps.
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