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  1. Boss Myke any update on mobile? me and some friends cant log in using CP, need help please.
  2. Boss Myke does it mean do we have a "Compensasion Raffle" after the server down time? a simple JT will do.. hahaha
  3. this will be my question too.. ahaha, still cant connect to the server until now.
  4. heart heart heart for 2x Gold. HAHAHA~!
  5. pers! Boss Myke is there a time where we can do this Wave Instance? or it is open when ever we like to do it?? this will be fun.
  6. Im trying to find a Dialblos ring in morroc shadow and an hours later i did not get any. i used some of my Gum and still no drop of Diablo ring. Question: is there any change to get Diablo items? (Diablo boot, Diablo robe, Diablo armor, Diablo ring & Diablo Manteau)
  7. oi Last mamaw ka na, balato mo na saking yung Balmung mo. pasecre secret ka pa jan. :))
  8. Hello boys and garls! first of all iwant to let you know that im not a girl, i use this name because i want! AHAHA~! second my fave since i saw Ragna is the monk class and my favorite skill is ASURA, well alot of you dont care i just wanna say. see you all in the game, this is the best private server for me. Boss Myke baka naman kahit JT lang. ahaha Special thanks to BlazeYO he is the one helped me when i was starting and Jean Gray / Koya who adopted me in his Alliance guild, still a lot to learn but i enjoyed playing here planning to donate soon to give back to the server. IGN: Shiela Batong Bakal (Champ) -im not strong so dont provoke me and will give a full force ASURA in your force. kidding. :))
  9. Updated: 2/2/20 Selling: *Valk Shoes[1] +3% RATK = 10b *Evolve Gigantic Magestic Goat[1] = 8b *+10 Icarus Staff[4] = 3b *+10 Uber Purple Light Saber[4] = 2b Buying: Dragon Wings (Blue) = Valk Shoes[1] +3% RATK + Evolve Gigantic Magestic Goat +200c Ign: Shiela Batong Bakal (Champion)
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