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  1. Stalker talisman fix pleas ❤️
  2. @Zomaerc last night you where telling me to click this " Rare Items/Cards | Sealed Items/Cards | Status Items/Cards | Strip Items/Cards | Damage Reduction Cards | Enchantment Orbs | Consumables | Skills " to see the restriction for GOTM but its still the same it will just redirect me to the restrictions that dont have label in which event it was (Showdown/GOTM) prohibited to use. what we are asking here is the detailed restriction list please separate the restriction list of Job showdown and GOTM or else players will misunderstood that all those that are posted are prohibited in both job showdown and GOTM. Thank you.
  3. About thara frog / ogretooth / tatacho.. Are they restricted in hot agit? And why? Those are only basic cards
  4. Ain't it going to be a huge disadvantage on the pally with 3 sec gospel cast time after being stripped? + the after cast delay of another 3 sec
  5. also didnt work for.. its fixed now i downloaded opensetup.exe from iRO and some other files then pasted it in my ragnaforce folder and it worked. Thanks BTW
  6. just finished reinstalling with full installer that i downloaded on the site.. and still dont have sound
  7. Been playing for 2 days now and i still cant fix my ragnarok audio i already checked every settings and downloaded full installer please help! P.S other games and websites have sound its just my ragna force client that doesn't have sound( BGM & Effects ) Hope to get a reply soon Thank you and more power!
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