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  1. Zera

    Icarus Bow

    I don't think level 1 - 3 heal will even be that effective unless maybe if you have like 200+ INT. I tested earlier with my Sniper just having 3 int, and level 5 heal just gave 1.4k Also consider the fact that any bow / revolver users are very easy to kill since they lack resistance because they can't equip shield (specially how HW's can just literally 1 hit them with JT) so for me i guess it's better if they just gain more firepower, just like how a +10 Icarus Revolver gives GS a lot of damage 😁
  2. Zera

    Icarus Bow

    Can there be a better effect for Icarus Bow? Comparing it to other ranged icarus weapons, i noticed Icarus Revolver is way a lot more better than Icarus bow regardless even without its Icarus Wing combo. Meanwhile I don't see what's the point of snipers enabling to use Level 5 Heal without Icarus Wing effect. 🤔 Can it be something like auto casts level 5 double strafe instead or something? Thank you!
  3. Can try this one from their discord: http://ragnaforce.net/files/ManualGRF.rar They had to update stuff back in december
  4. Is there any plans to use the Shadow Equipment slots? (excluding headgear costumes) Each piece of shadow equipment should be unique with 1 effect only per piece. Here are the following examples: [Shadow Weapons] Shadow Weapon #1: Increases physical or magical damage by x% (I'd say maybe give a maximum value of 3%-5% to avoid power creeping so much) Shadow Weapon #2: Makes weapon indestructible Shadow Weapon #3: Deals x% damage to racial monsters or specific size or boss/non boss only (For these, maybe raising to 10% would be fine except demi-human) [Shadow Shields] Shadow Shield #1: Reduces physical or magical damage by x% (Same here, maybe 5% would be a good maximum value) Shadow Shield #2: Reduces from x race or y elemental attacks by z% Shadow Shield #3: Increases resistance from x status by y% [Shadow Footgears] Shadow Footgear #1: Increases max SP or HP by x% Shadow Footgear #2: Increases movement speed by x% [Shadow Garments] Shadow Garment #1: Increases flee or perfect dodge by x value Shadow Garment #2: Increases resistance against x element by y% Shadow Garment #3: Reduces damage from x race by y% [Shadow Armors] Shadow Armor #1: Increases Max HP or SP by x% or maybe a base value of y (example +5k HP) Shadow Armor #2: Resistance to x status by y% [Shadow Accessories] Shadow Accessory #1: Increases a certain single stat (For this, i suggest maybe maximum of +3 only, or +1 only if all stat) Shadow Accessory #2: Maybe imbue a card's effect. For example a shadow accessory with horong card effect but maybe with some cons like -5% hp or whichever. Anyway, there's really a lot of possibilities of which can be which for the effects. Just so long the effects won't be that too much over-powered. Main equipments should still be the one that shines. Finally, decisions on the values & effects is still upto GM to decide
  5. Oh i see. Well my bad lol.
  6. Sorry for somewhat necro'ing but what's wrong with this tho? It's always been like this even in official servers. Also for your info, this is actually the weapon's attack not your damage itself. So for example you are using a dagger with let's say 200 attack. Now if you used it on medium enemy, it says only 75% will count. So then 75% of 200 = 150. Then when you're attacking a medium-sized enemy using a dagger, your weapon's attack variance will be adjusted to 75% of 200 = 150
  7. Thank you very much for this! Oh and so the blue set is literally the normal one. I thought there's a literal blue set 🤣
  8. Hello, I've tried finding the exact effects of Black, Red and Blue sets somewhere in forums but unfortunately I'm not able to find it. May i request to put their effects here as well please? Thank you!
  9. According to one of their promo topics under Announcements: https://ragnaforce.com/forum/index.php?/topic/660-road-to-100-days-donation-promo/ EDIT: But in-game, I don't know how much they're worth (whether in DT or in zeny)
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