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    This is not a bug, Its been on official server too.
  2. Good day Force! Here are the following updates that were implemented for the Quick Script-reload that took place. This change-logs mainly focus on Headgears are players requested and few new equipment quests! Game Improvements New Vote Headgears Musketeer Hat Darkness Eyes Power of Thor King Tiger Doll Hat Sigrun's Wings New Daily Coin Headgears Gozarian Hat Dark Knight Mask Wandering Wolf King Helmet Sakura Mist Hat Dragon Arhat Mask New Quests Headgears Hermode Cap Odin's Mask Pizza Hat Blue Pajamas Lady Tanee Hat New King of Emperium Points Headgears Angel Bell Ribbon Black Cat Hat Humpback Beret Minus Draft Hat Panda Hat New War of Emperium Points Headgears Saiyan Hair Vol. 5 BETA quest/item effect for Job Figures (item effect/requirement might change without prior notice). Swordsman Figure (+10 Str) Acolyte Figure (+10 Vit) Mage Figure (+10 Int) Archer Figure (+10 Dex) Thief Figure (+10 Agi) Merchant Figure (+10 Luk) Note: Item also gives other bonuses depends on the jobs. HOT! 7-Days Sale of Monthly Rotation (Collection Box) via Force Bonus Points. New Years Collection Box (25 Force Points) Bomb Backpack Bottled Milk Backpack Bow Backpack Diabolus Backpack Hammer Backpack Holy Shield Backpack Jar Backpack Nibs Backpack Plunger Backpack Poring Basket Backpack Red Potion Backpack Scroll Backpack Shuriken Backpack Steering Backpack Sword Backpack Umbrella Backpack Wand Backpack Wheel Backpack Collection Box [May 2019] (30 Force Points) Aqua Visor Black Visor Red Visor Chroma Cyclopse Nike Cap Black Saiyan Hair Collection Box [June 2019] (30 Force Points) Creative Convention Hat 3D Glasses Thunderstorm Cloud Humming Bird Celestial Dark Flame Collection Box [July 2019] (30 Force Points) Baseball Cap Gangster Scarf Black Frame Glasses Hair of The Strong Gale Hair Ornament Collection Box [August ~ September 2019] (30 Force Points) Autumn Leaves Antique Smoking Pipe Bell Ribbon Karada Meguricha Hat Dragon Helm Collection Box [October 2019] (30 Force Points) Witch Hat Eremes Guile's Scarf Ghostring Tall Hat Rune Helm Piggyback Collection Box [November] (30 Force Points) 3rd Super Saiyan Hair Blessing of Angel Combat Vestige Black Cat Book of Magic Razer Headset (75 Force Points) Razer Kraken (75 Force Points) Note: When opening Collection Box you will only receive one item randomly. Happy Holiday Everyone!
  3. Credits, Supplies, Event Points (BETA).
  4. Small Updates on Gold Room. Limit the party-share bonus to Max of 5 Members. Fixed the Gold Exchange Bug. Also on World Boss Monster MVP and DB Room will now reduce the World Boss Monster kill count.
  5. Hello for an easy fix, Please follow this:
  6. Hello replied on your DM, Sorry for the late reply.
  7. Holiday Season! Christmas and New Year is coming! In celebration of Holiday Season (Christmas & New Year), we are having a whole December 2x Points System rewards! Bonus Rewards: We will be having a Bonus Points on following: X2 Gold Points earned in Gold Room (@npc goldroom) X2 Fossils earned on Monster Hunt (@mh) X2 KoE and WoE Points earned every KoE on WoE. X2 Invasion Points Lotti Girl NPC Event: Have a chance to win random items and exclusive rewards! Here are the following noticeable rewards: Common-rare: Enriches, Mysterious Items, Treasure Chests, Force Event Box and Special Gift Boxes from 1-4. Semi-rare: Synthesis Ticket, Job Ticket, Mansion Invitation, GM Boxes Rare: +6-9 Armor/Weapon Refine Deed Ticket (@npc deedrefiner) Ultra-rare: Red Valkyrie Helm, Red Dragon Wing, Forbidden Cyclops, Santa Mask, Heart Beanie, Luxury Hat, Santa Dog! How to play Lotti Girl? Easy as pie, It requires payment: 2,500,00 zeny for basic payment and chance, Daily Coin payment will give you 2x chance of winning while Donation Ticket Payment will give you 5x chance of winning! See you later! Lotti will last for some hours.
  8. Holiday Season! Christmas and New Year is coming! In celebration of Holiday Season (Christmas & New Year), we are having a whole December bonus sale! To express our appreciation for your continued support in Ragnaforce, we are giving extra Donation Tickets and Force Points for your generosity. Your assistance means so much to us and the community, THANK YOU from all of us! PROMO DURATION : December 13th to 31st, 2019 Donation Promo: +100% Bonus on any amount of Donations + Special Gift Box 5 for every $50. (Instead of the usual Box I). Example: You donated 50$, You will receive Donation Tickets and Force Points. Special Gift Box 5 contains: Chance to win exclusive Christmas Scarf or Random GM Boxes every $50! But wait THERE'S MORE! NPC: Midgard Mansion or (@warp midgard 199 351) With every $100 donation you will received 1 Mansion Invitation that allows you to enter Midgard Mansion one time. For more information about Midgard Mansion click HERE. NPC: Costume Maker or '@npc costumemaker' With every $50 donation you will received 2 Synthesis Ticket that allows you to convert any headgear's into costumes. NPC: Job Costume or '@npc jobcostume' With a minimum Donation of $100 you get Costume Job Ticket allows you to change your suit into Baby, 1st, 2nd and 3rd job of your current class and revert back to normal (NPC will only allow you to use this ticket if you've Transcended). PLUS! You get 1 Costume Job Ticket for every $50 exceeding $100. Example $150 gives you 2 tickets, $200 gives you 3. Costume Job Tickets are only obtainable only in Special Events and Donation. Costume Job Tickets are trade-able. IMPORTANT: Costume Job Tickets will allow you to unlock 1 Costume Sprite per Ticket on that CHARACTER. If you go on a different character, you will have to unlock the Costumes AGAIN. Job Costume will be LOCKED back if you delete a character that you've unlocked the sprites with. Donation Restriction: Donations made are not accumulative. $50 Today will not give you a Costume Job Ticket for the $50 spent on a different day and $50 Force Bonus Points will not convert to extra Synthesis Tickets.
  9. Hello as we ask our remaining players. We will add a conversion of DT/DP for the month of december too. Same npc
  10. A baby lying in a manger of straw as a trio of wise men come bearing gift from afar. The birth of a King announced by way of a guiding star. He became an example of how to live righteously with a heart that only knew how to love. Such a gift to the world could only be given by way of the heavens above. His spirit and example of love is still celebrated today. As we honor the precious birth of baby King every Christmas. In observance of the true meaning of Christmas, we are holding a Misa de Gallo (Simbang Gabi) Event for the Community. A Holy Day Mass is set to commence daily, with 4 hours duration each, under two different schedules to cater different timezones. The server-wide event will be globally announced and all you have to do is attend the Holy Day Mass in Lutie Church! Important Reminders: The Misa de Gallo (Simbang Gabi) Event starts on 15th of December 2019 at 6:00 AM. You can go directly to Lutie Church by using the @npc holymass command. The Event will run for Nine (9) days from December 15 to 24. Two Sets of schedules are available: 6:00-10:00 and 18:00-22:00 server @time. You Need to attend the Mass for the whole 15 minutes inside the Lutie Church. By Attending the Mass everyday you will receive a different variant of rewards. Complete the Nine(9) days of the Misa de Gallo and be rewarded on the last day. Greetings! For celebrating and welcoming Christmas Day with us, we thank the Ragnaforce Community. Completing attendance for the Nine Days of the Misa de Gallo (Simbang Gabi) will give each players a Christmas Event Box! What's in the Christmas Boxes? Finish the Holy Day Mass until the actual Misa de Gallo and find out for yourself! Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin here! Disclaimer: Ragnaforce respects each and everyone's religious beliefs. Misa de Gallo (Simbang Gabi) Event is not, In any way, Intended to question an individual's faith, Opinion or position regarding the matter, nor to force our own view to the community. Misa De Gallo (Simbang Gabi) Event ends on 24 December, 2019 11:59 PM Server Time (@time).
  11. Please download the new ManualGRF at ragnaforce.net
  12. The Summoner NPC will only be available during this December along with converting all DT and those who have 1-2 DT's on their account can spend it here. Also the card chance arent the same as the spawn one.
  13. This maintenance took place. We will close this topic now.
  14. Thank you for your input on this upcoming changes. As we are aware of this kind of feedback.
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