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    This is not a bug, Its been on official server too.
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    Hello guys I go by Evil Deity - Benevolent - Emnesty and while a lot of people are going to hate me for this. I'll do what I think will help this community grow. From weaker players to the strong already. So lets get started. Mansion is what the name describes a mansion on the top side of Midgard with a lot of hidden features and rewards! In mansion you get (so far that I have found out) GM Boxes like Blaize's | Allison's | Myke's | Zomaerc's and these are super rare. They drop rare costumes and headgear that give you stats. You also get Token's which is used to buy different things in a vending machine. Anyways random USEFUL drops that always come in handy and are worth a lot of DT's and Credits... aside from that you get GM's stones which is used to complete the Mansion. • So let's get started. First thing your going to need is this. Mansion Ticket • So first thing you do is walk to the mansion in Midgard, if you don't know where that is well I'll show you. Mini map location • After you enter you have to talk to the receptionist and go through the warp. She will give a token which you can use to buy things! • So once you go through the warp you will then be Teleport-ed to the Hallway of the mansion so first thing you do is make a LEFT. • In this room your going to have to kill the 4 Guardians they will give you Defender's Crest | To kill them first you talk to the 4 of them and they they Activate.How the room looks like. • After you kill them you will be Teleport-ed to the hallway and you go to the warp straight across you to kill the Game Masters. Like so. • So once you have warped you got to go the room where the Game Master's spawn. • Ok now you have to find the "hidden shelf" Which you will talk to 4 times using your Defender's Crest and it will spawn a RANDOM Game Master. • So basically after you kill the random Game Master depending on your luck it will drop a game master GEM. Myke's Bloodstone | Zomaerc's Chrysolite | Blaize's Garnet | Allison's Amethyst This means that you need to kill 4 DIFFERENT GM's and hope to get their 4 different gems. once you obtain 1 of EACH gem you move on to the next step. Next Step : Creating the rings and moving on to the MAZE! • After you finally obtained ALL the different GEM's you get out of the room where you killed the GM and move on to the next, Like so. • You will then talk to the book which will GIVE YOU all the directions in the MAZE this is very important, write it down or you will get lost in the maze. assuming you forgot here is the directions of the maze : UP | LEFT | DOWN | LEFT | UP | LEFT | DOWN | RIGHT • So now we are going back to the hallway and talk to the first statues. • Then we are going to talk to the 2ND Statues to teleport us to get the FIRST RING! • The 2ND statue will teleport us to the Sacred Emperium room and we are going to talk to it to get the first RING | Glistening Ring • After you get the First ring we have to go to the dwarf and craft the other one. get out of Emperium Room and warp to the right. • Right warp will take you to some garden where the last ring and the warp to the maze are. | Ring of the Ancients • After you have obtained the 2 rings you put them inside the statue that will warp you to the MAZE. | Warping to the MAZE • After you have warped to the maze you have to reach the "top" of the maze and kill the gm's one more time to get random drops from Sleipnir, Asprika or BALMUNG! Start of the MAZE Where you need to go • When you reach the top you will find a Treasure chest you need to talk to and then kill the GM's that will appear one at a time ( 4 of the flames will turn into GM's ) After you have kill the last GM you will get the treasure key and automatically receive your reward! Well I wish you all GOOD LUCK! Hope you get good items. So this is meant for 2 things guys, 1 For you to learn more about it and see the rewards and things you can find inside the mansion and 2nd now you know hard it is therefore you can put to good use the mansion tickets, if it is not for you sell them make a good profit or use it get a token buy Mysterious Bloody Branch which can spawn a LHZ monster or a RARE MVP, you can either use it if you think you can kill the MVP or sell it. Hopefully this guide serves well for all and helps the community and the economy in the game. Good luck to you all. Please leave a comment if it helped you or not and constructive criticism! PS : There are more hidden features about the mansion but it is on you to explore and go through trial and error!
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    Found out that using physical/melee from HIGHER GROUND can still hit an enemy from LOWER GROUND about 1 or 2 cells from it. Im expecting that i can be hit by a magical skill or long range attack but on my case, ive killed by Asura from Champion. Normally it happens on castle maps on stairs and some of the higher grounds. Hope my explanation will help you to fix this. Thanks
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