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  4. Can't patch, and manual grf can't be downloaded... file is missing from the website. Hope I can get a reply soon.
  6. is server closed? coz still can't login on andro. if it's need to update patch 1st, where's da link? TQ
  7. Hi GM @Myke kindly want to inform that the patcher is not working. It is not patching.
  8. @gm myke pano po i repatch po hirap po ako i patch pano po gagawin
  9. gm myke pano po i re patch hirap po ako pede po ba assist nmn
  10. @gm myke hirap po ako i patch ulit pede po paassist
  11. Thank you GM @Myke 😄
  12. Good day Force! Here are the following updates that were implemented for the Scheduled Maintenance that took place. This change-logs includes a few game improvements. Sorry for being inactive. Game Changes & Improvements New Icarus Weapon Effects Increase Drop Rates of Cards Normal Card: 10% to 25% MVP Card: 5% to 10% Rare Card: 1% to 3% ET & BB Monster: 0.25% to 1% Added All Valkyrie Helm & Dragon Wign Combo to Donation Shop Added All Rare Cards to Donation Shop Change Headgear Rotation to Collection Boxes from recent months. Added New Headgears on Currency Shops Vote Shop: 7 New headgears Daily Shop: 7 New headgears KoE Points Shop: 14 New headgears WoE Points Shop: 5 New headgears Artifacts Shop: 5 New headgears (w/ Razer recycle) Added Animated Items on Rental Shop Added BETA Effects on Biolab 4 Cards Increase Invasion Monster Respawn Increase Event Reward Points on Automated Events Fixed Wrong Item Descrption & Position Fixed Mansion Dungeon Save-Point Respawn Bug Reduce World Boss Event Kill requirements from 1,500 to 1,000 kills Reduce World Boss Cooldown from 6 to 4. Additional Information: Minimal Update on Freebies Content and Solo Member Pack Resets All Rankings Revert Biolab Respawn Time from 4 Hours to 2 Hours Re-price all Aura in Aura Bonus Shop Thank you for the continues support, Remember to download the latest patcher here Regards, Force Team
  13. Nice. Excited for tomorrow. Thank you GM Myke. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 See you in game tomorrow.
  14. or a Costume box that consist of Rare Costume is a nice one!
  15. i wonder what is that massive compensation.. a Golden coin or JT is a good one. AHAHAHA!!
  16. Server will be backup tomorrow 12nn
  17. Hello was extended due some personal reason; weekends and important bank stuff; I will finish it today. Sorry for the delay, massive compensation will be given upon login.
  18. Hi GM Myke. Its already been 48hrs. Any updates. This maintenance is taking too long.
  19. Changelog wil lbe posted once the maintenance is done.
  20. it was surely a very long maintenance. may we know boss Myke what are the updates are will be there.
  21. Maintenance just started, Please note that this is a very long maintenance. 12 upto 48 hours.
  22. Hola Tengo Problema No E podido actualizar no e podido entrar por favol kiero jugar 🤣🤣
  23. Ami me pasa lo mismo no e podido jugar /Sob
  24. Hi Boss Myke looking forward for this update. More Power and Happy Anniversary Force.
  25. Hello, Please download the latest patcher here: Force Updater Extract it to your Ragnaforce folder and patch. I will upload a new installer comes with the Force 1st Anniversary update this week. Sorry for the inactivity.
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